Monday, May 21, 2007

4 Powerful Steps To Turn Blogging Into A Home Business

If you like writing, you are sitting on a goldmine and probably have no idea.

Starting a blog is fast, free and can launch a home based business you never thought possible. Use the following four techniques and watch your blog earn it's keep.

1. Pick a topic

Register with an affiliate site like Clickbank. Find a group of products that fit a topic you would love to write about. Ask yourself if you could confidently write about this topic daily (even just a little).

2. Pick a good blog name

Do some keyword research before registering your blog name. Using a site like Overture find a commonly searched keyword phrase based around your topic. Register your blog using this keyword phrase. This instantly gives your site extra potential.

3. Start writing

What to write about? Anything related to the topic. Just remember to weave affiliate links within the body of your text. Make your writing style as animated as possible. Don't worry too much about spelling and grammar. You can even write reviews on the products you selected to promote.

4. Promote

The best way to promote your blog? Just keep writing. The more you write the more likely it is that your blog will be found using organic (read: free and qualified) search methods. When your blog is found in free search engine results people trust you a whole lot more.

You can, of course, drive traffic to your blog using pay-per-click advertising, like Google AdWords. If you do this be prepared to monitor the results, along with sales conversions.

Start now and move one step closer to the dream of home business ownership.

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