Monday, July 9, 2007

The Musicians Guide To Posting The Perfect Press Kit On Your Website

Here are three constituents that you should include on your creative person - set website. These tips are designed keeping music authors in head (they necessitate entree to your their information quickly, and very easily because they are constantly under deadline.)

1. Your Music – record album or unrecorded tracks

You are a set / instrumentalist after all, and nil talks for you louder than your music. Brand certain you have got some music available at your website either streamable or downloadable. You should also strongly see giving away a free path or two in downloadable MP3 formatting so people can bask you on their ipods.

2. Biography and a short sentence about your sound

Bio - Brand certain you have got a short succinct bio that tin be easily located on your site, (in improver to the long word form one, the blogs and all of the sentiments from each set member – which are merriment for your fans but not for music authors who will be looking to acquire speedy information. Brand certain this bio is easily cut and paste able so authors can drop it into a prevue or a column. Bash not do the bio illusion or in flash - do it easy to cut and paste by a author or the author will not be able to utilize your bio.

Short Sentence that depicts your sound perfectly – Also ALWAYS include a short summary (like less than 6 words) that sums of money up your sound for calendar editors.

3. Photos – brand them easy to find, chink on and download

Thumbnails are great for speedy and easy burden but you should always have got a few downloadable photographs on your land site (both in colour and achromatic and white) in at least 300 dpi – Create a nexus that states "click here for a hello reticuloendothelial system jpeg" that manner photograph editors can acquire to them easily – and retrieve to change your photographs a few modern times a twelvemonth – so if you play repetition marketplaces you can give the mass media multiple picks to cover you.

I trust these critical tips help.

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