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Air Supply in Coney Island, NY 7/19/07 - Headlines Seaside Summer Concert Series with Billy Ocean

Coney Island, NY: Air Supply Headlines Seaside Summer Concert Series. Truncheon Ocean Performs First U.S. Concert in 18 Years

I was having a spot of déjà vu on Thursday as we stood in line waiting to be seated for the Air Supply/Billy Ocean concert at Asser Levy Park in Coney Island. Dark Grey clouds loomed overhead, the prognosis was bleak, and scattered electrical storms were expected to get late in the afternoon and last into the night. Every one-half hr that passed brought more than baleful violent storm clouds and news of cloudbursts just a few statute miles away. Armed with our umbrellas (a lesson learned from the recent Endicott, New York concert in the rain), we hoped for the best but expected the worse.

Arriving at the parkland earlier in the afternoon, the weather condition was gorgeous. It was hot and bright and the local and Truncheon Ocean and Air Supply crews were working difficult scene up and preparing for the night's concerts. We arrived as Brett, Nate and Mark were doing sound bank checks and we were able to watch and listen as we walked around the park. Soon after, Air Supply came out and began their sound check. I haven't ever had the chance to see one before, so this was a existent treat. Standing about 150 feet back from the stage, we watched as Air Supply sang Even The Nights Are Better. The acoustics were phenomenal in this wide, unfastened country and it was pretty cool to see Air Supply execute this song, but not to a crowd. They performed it as well as they make during a show, but it was a spot more casual. The other witnesses standing around were having a great clip too, and some even asked who 'those guys' were, and then remarked, "Oh…Air Supply! I retrieve them!"

Billy Ocean's grouping came onstage after Air Supply exited. And while Air Supply's sound bank check lasted about 30 minutes, Truncheon Ocean's lasted a good two and a one-half hours, maybe three. After his set and back-up vocalists worked things out for about two hours, Truncheon Ocean came out and performed three songs for his sound check. It was a batch of merriment and it was a great prevue for the show to come.

Taking our seating around 7:30, we sat and talked with locals who come up up to the summertime shows each Thursday night. We talked about where we were from, and were invited back multiple modern times to come up to the adjacent week's show! If I lived in New York, I believe I'd love to travel to these shows every week. The concerts are free to the public and for a $5.00 contribution you can acquire preferable seats that includes a chair. You have got to line up early if you desire a great seat, but being a concert in the park, everyone have a good adequate place to bask the show! What a great gift to the Brooklyn occupants to see such as unbelievable performers.

About 15 proceedings before show time, the rainfall came in. People donned ponchoes and we opened our umbrellas and sat in the rainfall for about 10 minutes. Luckily, it was just a little lavish and once over, we never had to draw them out again! So much for the dingy forecast!

Billy Ocean came out a few proceedings later and the eventide began. Like Air Supply, if you haven't seen what he looks like in a figure of years, it is surprising to see how age creeps up and do some performing artists visually unrecognisable to you. Truncheon Ocean had long, Grey dreads, but like Charles Taze Russell Hitchcock, there was no mistaking his crystal clear voice and infective smile.

Surprisingly, this concert was Truncheon Ocean's first U.S. concert in 18 years. We were told he took clip off during the pinnacle of his calling to be with and raise his family, but I am uncertain if he performed outside of the U.S. during this clip as it was not announced. However, what was announced, twice, by host Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz was that Truncheon Ocean and Air Supply would be touring together this year. News to me, I later asked two of the set members about this and they both laughed and said it was news to them as well!

Billy Ocean sang more than hits than I could remember him having, and I was having a antic clip as he sang Mystery Lady, Color of Love, (There'll Be) Sad Songs, Suddenly, Lover Boy, Get Outta My Dreams (Get Into My Car), When The Goin' Gets Tough, and his near Caribbean Sea Queen.

Billy Ocean's public presentation was nil short of spectacular. To state he had personal appeal wouldn't quite be complimentary enough. He had unbelievable interaction with the audience, twice going into the crowd and having people sing parts of the songs. He had us vocalizing a batch with him and the crowd was really digging it! He have a great band, including 3 back-up singers, one of whom was his daughter, a drummer, a percussionist, a keyboardist, a bass player, and a guitar player. They set on a great show, and that mightiness be an understatement.

This beingness Billy's first public presentation inch the U.S. in 18 years, there was understandably a big crowd of photographers (see nexus below for more than photos) and fans and Truncheon did not let down anyone. He never stopped smiling and moving and dancing, and I just wanted to acquire up on phase and dance with him! Truncheon Ocean and his set far exceeded my outlooks and I trust I acquire to see his show again!

After Truncheon Ocean, Air Supply came out. Although a "Special Performance by Billy Billy Graham Russell" was advertised, Graham did not sing songs from The Future and Air Supply opened with Even The Nights Are Better. Everyone was on their feet and it was a great manner to begin the show!

Just As I Am was followed by A Little Spot Of Everything and it's always interesting to see how the crowd responds to a relatively unknown Air Supply song. Air Supply always do this song merriment for the audience, and the band, and it always have great personality.

Here I Am and Chances were adjacent and Jed Moss performed a new piece before Religion In Love. When I later asked him what it was, he told me something that was about 10 words long, so I didn't quite acquire it. It was a great piece and, again, a dainty to hear. The Power of Love was adjacent and Air Supply received yet another standing ovation. The adult male next to me stood up and applauded after each song, so we did the same. It started a spot of a tendency and more than than and more people started standing after each song.

During The One That You Love, Charles Taze Russell did travel out into the audience as much as he could, but there were Gates and fencings that prevented him from getting out into the audience. That said, he made his manner around the roadblocks as best he could and the fans were screaming for more! Billy Graham quietly made his manner down the nerve pathways and by the clip he and Charles Taze Russell returned to the stage, the audience was on its feet already singing along. Air Supply continued with The One That You Love, Lost In Love, and Making Love Out Of Nothing At All, shutting with All Out Of Love.

Air Supply was simply superb. The energy from the set and audience was high and everyone had a antic time.

Thanks travel out to Sparky, Brett, Moe, Nate and Mark, and I'll widen a particular give thanks you to Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz for bringing Air Supply and Truncheon Ocean together for one fabulous evening. A fantastic clip was had by all!

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