Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Squidoo - Why Squidoo? Part 1

Enter Squidoo! Whether you sell on eBay or your ain WebStore, a Squidoo lens system system is an excellent, free, powerful manner to advance your merchandise or service.

Here are the 5 grounds you should do a Squidoo lens today...


You can't beat out free! In a short amount of clip to make your lens, you can quickly begin drive traffic to your eBay lists for free. And if you have got an eBay shop you can acquire the Shop referral credit.


Squidoo is easy to utilize and supplies you with the tools to make an first-class lens system describing your merchandise or service. Just choose the faculties that are right for your concern and you are on your way.


Squidoo users are portion of a community that is committed to helping you succeed. From designing thoughts and proofreading, to sharing tagging fast ones for getting found, to working on cross publicities with another lensmaster, the Squidoo community-and even their bantam staff!-is there for you.

4. May aid YOU become THE EXPERT

Initially noone is supposed to cognize your merchandises as well as you do, so utilize Squidoo to share that cognition with possible buyers. Make content that depicts your products, explicates a procedure or supplies some history about your merchandise and then point readers to where they can buy your product.

5. aids YOU share YOUR PASSION

Share a small about yourself and your business. One of the joyousnesses of merchandising on eBay is the human relationship you can construct with your customers. Use Squidoo to personalise your concern for those customers. This volition also assist you construct a connexion so that you can turn tax return business.

We will transport on with this treatment in the adjacent article.

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