Saturday, December 8, 2007

Opera 9 Browser To Power Archos Media Players - InformationWeek

Consumer electronics shaper Archos on Friday tapped Opera Software for its full-featured Web browser and an application for creating Widgets on portable mass media players.

Archos is using the Opera 9 software system development kit to enable the Web browsing and Widgets capablenesses on its Coevals 5 portable mass media players, including the 605 Wi-Fi, the 705 Wi-Fi, and the TV+.

All three devices have got the ability to breaker the Web. Additionally, the 605 Wi-Fi and the 705 Wi-Fi come up with high-resolution touching screens. They can play any type of digital amusement -- movies, photos, and music -- and they can be used to schedule and record television shows.

Opera's full-featured browser back ups advanced engineering such as as Flash, so users can watercourse pictures or music directly to the Archos mass media participants from popular Web sites, which include YouTube, Dailymotion, and others.

With Opera 9, users also can download and make personalized Widgets, such as as weather condition forecasts, news, currency and unit of measurement converters, and calculators.

"Our partnership with Opera assists bend Archos portable mass media participants into the most advanced and compelling radio devices available today," said Henri Crohas, chief executive officer of Archos, in a statement.

The mass media participants are installed with the Opera browser. However, there's a $30 fee to trip the Opera Web browser plug-in. Once the browser is activated, users can download and tally Widgets at no other cost, said an Opera spokeswoman.

As a standalone offering, the Opera browser is available as a free download from the company's Web site. Opera also offers mobile versions of the browser for cell phones, smartphones, and PDAs.

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