Monday, October 13, 2008

Blogging - What is Squid Platform?

The intent of this article is to supply a usher to publication high quality content using the Squid platform, as a manner to bring forth an income. It covers the Squid publication platform in a measure by measure fashion, concentrating on four key concepts:

-Providing high quality resources

-An attractive and logical layout

-Attention to specific details

-Providing interaction with visitors

These four conceptions are critical to creating a feasible gross watercourse with Squid. In addition, the reader necessitates to have got a good apprehension of keyword and niche research, as well as the importance of tags.

About Squid

1) Squid is arranged into a series of Lenses. For more than inside information visit at Each Lens is a user-owned piece of Web 2.0 property, which can be updated in a very intuitive click-and-type interface. This takes the demand for strong hypertext markup language or web publication skills, putting it in the same easiness of usage class as a blog. But, unlike blogging, a Lens is designed to be a aggregation of resources, and not a day-to-day bringing of sentiment on a given subject.

First Steps with Lens Publishing

To acquire started, the best attack is to pick an country in which the Lens maestro have some expertise. Remember this is a new publication platform, so it will assist if the lone research that demands to be done is to larn how to utilize the interface, rather than having to look around for content.

The adjacent measure is to begin edifice the Lens skeleton. This is as easy as clicking the 'Make a Lens' button on Squid. The whole procedure is ace driven, starting with picking a name for the Lens.

For example, 'water cogent evidence terrace speakers' is meaningless to Google. On the other manus 'waterproof-patio-speakers' is treated as three separate words, which is probably what the Lens Godhead intended. So, the statute title might be 'Waterproof Patio Speakers' and the lens system uniform resource locator end in 'waterproof-patio-speakers'.

The adjacent step, after naming, is picking the tags which best stand for the content. The primary tag should reflect the content that the Lens proprietor is going to utilize to present the topic. This agency that it should be a three word phrase that is used in the very first paragraph of the Lens.

Next, tags should be added that reflect the remainder of the topic. The unequivocal bounds is put at around 30 person tags (three to four word phrases), so make not overfill the tags at first. Leave some slots to add additional down the line.

Having created the basic skeleton, the Lens proprietor can begin to add modules.

Squid Modules

A faculty is just a topographic point in the Lens into which content can be inserted. There are many sorts of modules, from basic textual matter blocks, through to listings of golf course (with voting), and, more than importantly, topographic points to show window merchandises from 3rd political party suppliers, such as as Amazon. And this is the cardinal to making money on Squid - choosing faculties that maintain interest, prosecute the reader, and bring forth sales.

The best attack looks to be to blend up ocular faculties (like the Black box or Quotation Mark modules) with pure content (Text/Write modules). The gross generating faculties can then be added at appropriate 'break points' within the other content. Interactive faculties should look less down in the Lens, with a guestbook at the end, so that visitants can go forth their comments.

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