Saturday, March 14, 2009

Death Equity is a Future Blockbuster Movie

I am always looking for a great read like many other people. There is nil like curling up with an astonishing book that volition maintain you engaged. The human race maintains us all so busy, it experiences so good to take clip out for you to get away and relax.

Death Equity by Kimberly Harry Bridges is the perfect flight for drama, horror, romance, suspense and true to life characters. Kimberly Harry Bridges cognizes how to maintain the reader intrigued so one cannot set her book down until the wee hours of the morning, preferably after the book is done.

In Death Equity affluent patients begin to mysteriously die. The patients may be going in for complicated surgery which can be understandable, but when a simple process travels incorrect a reddish flag travels up. Large contributions on the deceased's behalf to St. Vincent's Hospital rise another reddish flag. A married woman of one of the patients cognizes something leery is going on. Employees of St. Vincent's Hospital believe the same and start to look into inside the hospital. One employee rans into with the infirmary decision maker to uncover her thoughts. Did she confide to the incorrect person?

In this book even the city manager of the town Hollinbrook is a suspect of some fly-by-night happenings.

Kimberly Harry Bridges have a superb head and in the same breath a vividly twined mind. Her authorship will maintain you enthralled. A steamy small love affair between two of the fictional characters will maintain you wanting more. Eerie occurrences at the infirmary will do you desire to maintain reading more to see what will go on next. This thriller is so well written I believe it should be made into a movie. The book is comparable to the best thriller movies out there and I believe it would be a block fellow movie.

I highly urge the thriller book Death Equity. Sit back in your reclining chair and allow the book take you on a journeying to a infirmary that may be similar to yours that could take on the same ethical motive St. Vincent Hospital has. If you are a affluent person, be very careful which infirmary you take to have got surgery at.


Kelley said...

This is an excellent book. The author is Kimberly Bridges not Kimberly Harry Bridges. I know as I wrote this article on Ezine. ;-)

Kelley said...

Well, the majority of this article is posted on Ezine that I wrote--some of the words have been changed in your posting...that do not make sense.

Kelley said...

Readers can read the true authors article on Ezine at:

Thank you!

medicine said...

Yes, my name is Kimberly Bridges. I guess you can call me Harry if you want to... and I am very pleased that the two of you enjoyed my book. Second book to come soon!

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