Friday, February 29, 2008

Alvin Phang's Atomic Blogging Makes It Possible With Only A Click - Get More Website Traffic Fast!

Atomic Blogging have been right in presence of my human face for a while. If I'd looked a small closer at it before I would have got realized it was more than than I originally thought. It definitely is a certain fire manner to acquire more than web land site traffic fast.

The last small while I've been outlining a few different ways in which I've been trying to better concern through different payment systems, or traffic methods etc. I'm sure if you have got got visited my blog in the past you will have noticed by now that the whole style and expression have changed. I'm not quite certain Iodine like the new templet as much as the last one. I did a batch of customization on the last one, but, this 1 have more than functionality compared to the last 1 in many ways. I actually updated the whole Wordpress platform as well, to the most current version.

A couple of years ago, I received another electronic mail on Atomic Blogging. I downloaded a study on it a piece back, but I never really looked that closely at it. I figured at the time, "Yeah, whatever, yet another blogging merchandise for newbies." If I'd looked a small closer I would have got realized that Alvin Phang's merchandise is much more than than that. I now know, and have got implemented an amazing plug-in that came with the package. This plug-in alone and the clip it will salvage you when blogging and using societal bookmarking land sites is deserving the cost alone in my opinion. If I'd looked closer before, it would have got hit me how clip economy this thing really is. Time, of course, is always a large issue in a sellers life, and, I'm pretty much a one-man show, so finding new ways to salvage time, is always welcome to me.

The Atomic Blogging plug-in lets you to station to all of the most popular book marking land sites instantly, as soon as you do a blog post and hit "Publish". The stopper inch usages Only-Wire in it's utilize as well. Only Wire is a land site in which you sign-up to many societal book marking land land sites so you can submit to a clump of the sites easier as well. I've known about Only Wire for a while, as I learned of it through John Ross Goldberg's Traffic Manifesto package. It makes take a piece to travel to all of the different land sites and mark up to acquire all of your usernames and passwords, but once put up, it's absolutely deserving it and a major clip saver. So now with the Atomic Blogging plug-in, it's one chink and "BOOM", you've just posted to all of the land sites at the same time.

Of course, we cognize what that means, much more than traffic.

As I was going through Atomic Blogging, near the end, Alvin was mentioning an astonishing land site that assists with blogging called Blog Catalog. This land site have a praseodymium of 7, which is very, very high. It's really is a good land land land site for bloggers with a batch of interaction with other members etc. When I visited the site, I was racking my encephalon trying to calculate out where I had seen this before and the appliance from their site before. I now have got it on my page to. Later I realized that I'd seen the appliance on Holly's blog, and it got me wondering if she herself had maybe had a opportunity to travel through Atomic Blogging herself. I really don't know, I haven't asked her about it yet, but, as usual, leave of absence it to Holly Horace Mann to be one measure ahead of us every time.

So perhaps that volition be another great clip economy tip for you, and also give you another great traffic scheme that works.

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