Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wordpress Blogs - Are They Suitable For Affiliate Marketing?

For sure, wordpress is great for affiliate marketing, there are so many grounds why, here are some of them.....

Easy Installation:

As long as your webhost have cpanel & fantastico, you can put in it in just one click.

SEO-Friendly Properties By Default:

Wordpress out of the box without alteration is good but with a few basic modifications, it is great! You do your wordpress blogs even more than SEO-friendly with some simple modifications.

Easy Customization:

It is not too difficult to customize your wordpress blog. If you desire more than elaborate methods to customize your wordpress blogs, just travel to some webmaster forums & inquire around, you will be surprised that many people can reply you.

If you take a firm stand that you make not desire to larn it yourself, it is not difficult or even expensive to engage person to make it for you. Try hiring free lancers from webmaster forums, from personal experience, I hired a few great programmers from there. They are great value for money too.

There are tons of great wordpress plugins available but there are 2 peculiar 1s that do affiliate selling such as a breeze.....

Alinks Plugin:

What exactly makes the "A" in Alinks base for? In my low opinion, the "A" stand ups for the word "affiliate". That is exactly what this plugin is good for. You can easily add your affiliate links. You can predefine which keywords nexus to which affiliate product. This golf course will demo in your blog posts. You can even do the golf course unfastened in a new browser, this is one of the ways to maintain a visitant on your blog for a longer time.

Add Signature Plugin:

This adds a signature at the end of all your blog posts. You can add HTML, apparent textual matter or even a graphical with an affiliate link. It is recommended that you add keyword rich textual matter links. You can either associate it to your other blogs, your ain merchandise or even an affiliate product.

How I started using wordpress blogs.....

As an affiliate marketer, I spent tons of time, energy & money on paid search, especially pay-per-click traffic. Soon I discovered certain keywords converted very well so I started writing content based on those keywords. As the authorship got more, I started to construct more than than pages, (using nil but FrontPage). Each clip I added a new page, I had to travel through all the other pages to add more than golf course on them, this was quite a waste material of time.

Then I discovered that it was deserving my clip to larn how to utilize wordpress for affiliate selling & content building. After taking clip to larn as much as I can on wordpress, I started to see more than traffic come up in without paid search! Previously all my traffic were from paid search.

On top of that, with more than traffic, gross sales also went up! The best portion is - all Iodine did was to put up wordpress once & maintain publication on it. Now I acquire affiliate gross sales from both paid hunt & organic hunt results. If I can make it, you can make the same too.

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